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Friday, June 4, 2010

As usual I'm late. I've been faffing around eating pickled onion flavoured monster munch and now as the time comes to leave I am finally in a position to select an outfit... I'd planned to wear a white silk taffeta top and get it on with a fight only to find that yes, there is a large sweat stain under one armpit and far from lady like I look somewhat tramp like, I struggle to get it off over my head and, with the clock ticking, go drag out another ballish outfit - this time a slinky brown number, a full length fishtail skirt that clings to every curve, but this time around there just a few too many curves for my liking and my VPL means only one thing: larger pants or smaller ones... Not being a fan of the g-string I can only go larger but where are all my pants? - heaven only knows, and once again it looks as though my cleaning lady has hidden them - Arrrgh!!

The hem of the fishtail skirt has conveniently decided to come down and I am wrestling with staples and safety pins when PM rings me - I am delighted to hear his voice but deep in the depth of wardrobe despair - and of course ... late!! I've got gold shoes and silver jewellery and no bloody pants! My pashmina's got a stain on it and my tassles have stuck to my sticky - what I wouldn't give right now for a roll of double sided sticky tape
- how on earth am i supposed to cope? :)

I shun the brown satin number, rush through the silver ball gown and onto a tried and tested favourite; the maxi black dress that I wore to the last fund raising ball I attended - No matter that I'm going tonight with JP whom I met at the ball and who has obviously seen me in this dress - luckily (and happily, I add) JP is a taken man and so I don't really have to dress to impress anyone except for my perfectionist self. I am super stressed but feel much more comfortable in the maxi - the curves are gently hidden under a mass of material and I can breathe in it which is always a blessing. Taxi's here and I've gotta dash...Wish me luck!


  1. Shopping and dressing- the biggest concern of a volunteer doctor in Afghanistan. Why did the Dr. use initials for all her friends' names? JP, Pmonster, CC, JB, DC, PQ. Who does that?

    "luckily (and happily, I add) JP is a taken man and so I don't really have to dress to impress anyone except for my perfectionist self."

    I should hope so- I thought she was engaged? To a guy she met in late 2009?

  2. I am wary of entering a debate in such tragic circumstances; however, the above comment saddens me at the complete lack of humanity or understanding.

    As a young woman in my 20s studying to be a medical doctor (in a country which is neutral in all wars), discovering Surgeon Woo’s blog is incredibly inspiring, although also incredibly sad as I have done so only in the past 24 hours – however to me, this is clearly a woman who managed to be a successful surgeon, yet maintained her femininity, sense of humour, pride and self respect.

    The comment above is incredibly judgemental, and I wonder why the author felt it was necessary to type such a comment when this personal blog is most likely to be read primarily by Surgeon Woos’ close family and friends, who do not need to read such a comment at this time.

    I hope that if I am ever in a war zone working as a medical doctor that I will still find time to laugh and joke about the lighter things in life, while working hard on behalf others. Surgeon Woo is an inspirational figure for me as a young medical student, and my most sincere condolences to the family and friends of Surgeon Woo.

  3. I agree with Maria above that Dr Woo has kept her cool whilst working in a dangerous war torn area. It can be very lonely and boring at times and you could do with some blogging. Having being deployed with the Army Medical Services in the Field Hospital in conflict areas, we had limited and temperamental net/phone access in those days. Comms in fact used to be totally shut upto a day after a bomb attack (Op Minimise). At times we were so busy anyway to use it. I am not sure what SOPs are for non military establishments but clearly it was unwise to leave the green area and venture out on medical expedition. In hind sight I would be cautious with blogging as it could be misinterpreted and also do not put pics of your patients without blacking them out as this can be regarded as breech of confidentiality.
    I urge all the medics who want to go to conflict areas to understand the risks involved and not to venture out. To be honest I would join the TA as a reservist medic(just like I did)rather than working for an NGO.
    I salute Karen for her courage, adventurism and her sense of humour. She had a purpose in life and I am sure she enjoyed it until the end.
    RIP Karen.

    Major Ravindra Gokhale RAMC(V)