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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

"Oh, the penguins deserve better. Spread the love... Beaky twats."

The title quote is from
Karen (not me) is married to mild mannered Adam. Karen is now entertaining the world with Adam's curious and sometimes incandescent sleep talking outbursts. I have to add that tw*t is definitely not a word that frogs use... :)

and of course the little green fellow is Konn the travelling adventure frog. Konn can be found at

This evening I bumped into Konn's best mate Mark and we had a lovely evening in Soho. I was thrilled to bits to discover this little froggie who has travelled around the world. Looking at his album on Mark's phone (Mark often travels with Konn) I was overjoyed to see Konn in so many fantastic locations. Everywhere he goes he spreads the love and is obviously an ambassador for peace and understanding. I think Konn the frog should be a UN Goodwill Ambassador.

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